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Dion Lopez

O: 615.463.3333 M: 615.456.9333

Luxury is your world's best life. Finding your best life is within your reach. It is the dream I want to help you find. Dreams are big and small and always include a piece of the earth that is all yours.

With twenty years of working in Nashville and the surrounding areas, I used to consider myself a Texan, but after so many wonderful years here I have changed my status to “Nashville Native.” Originally I was brought here by Nashville’s vibrant music industry which I enjoyed for over a decade. The achievements that I have been blessed within the Music Business, many people could only dream of. However, I found the allure of the quickly changing Nashville skyline too hard to resist and began my real estate adventure by creating a property enhancement company. I brought the popularity of outdoor lighting to Nashville that I had witnessed on my travels to major metropolitan areas like Miami, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Having traveled to Miami and Los Angeles in music I saw just how adept property owners were at highlighting the architectural features and potential nighttime use of a property. As I saw the Nashville skyline quickly changing, I decided to start my property enhancement company.

Having been inspired by my experience I didn’t realize at the time I started my business that a true passion started to come to the surface. I saw many properties and many different and unique areas that I knew I had to own. In five years I managed to not only make real estate a reality for me but then went on to help other investors acquire properties in many areas around Tennessee for very attractive prices. Actually my talent was to find land, buildings, and homes at a price that was pennies on the dollar. It was not until it came time to sell these investments that I knew I had to become an affiliate broker. I noticed that there were too many tools that real estate professionals had at their disposal and I did not want to find out the hard way, that many investors learn too late, that it is the real estate professionals that actually help you realize the profits that are possible. When it came time to align myself with a firm I had no choice but to go to the best in town. That is why I am here. I want to achieve the best I can for my clients and excel at making the dream of homeownership a reality for as many people as I can.

It is not unusual to go the extra mile for my clients. I am the kind of person that is not afraid to knock on doors and make offers on the property where there is no inventory available. I like to be challenged and I like the “art” of making things happen and I would like to do it for you.

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Dion Lopez
Broker Associate
Office: 615.463.3333
Mobile: 615.456.9333
RE/MAX Homes And Estates, Lipman Group
2002 Richard Jones Rd, Suite C-104
Nashville TN 37215

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