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East Nashville Real Estate

East Nashville Real Estate Guide

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Just North East of the center of Nashville lies East Nashville. East Nashville is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. It is known for having a great scene for people to explore with unique street art, upbeat bars, and trendy restaurants all over.

History of East Nashville

Since the late 1800s, East Nashville has been known for being the type of neighborhood where the artistic and progressive people would end up. It was growing very fast and soon became one of Nashville’s earliest suburban expansion to the 21st century infill. One great place with a little history is the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge which was constructed in 1907 to help pedestrians to get over the Cumberland River. This bridge is a very popular landmark for people to go visit and walk across.

Local Attractions

East Nashville is continuing to grow as more and more restaurants and shops are moving over there. Some popular restaurants include Calypso Café, Edley’s Bar-B-Que, The Pavilion East, and many more. East Nashville also has some of the trendiest shops. For those musicians out there, visit Eastside Music Supply for all your music needs. Other fun places to shop and enjoy in east Nashville are Lucaya Clothing Co., Amelia Styles, and for some home decorating options Apple and Oak, and FLWR Shop.

  • HIGHLIGHTS: Historic Homes, Culinary Destination, Dive Bars, Craft Cocktail Joints, Coffee Shops, Vintage Stores, Murals

Parks + Playgrounds

Take your friends and family over to Cumberland Park to enjoy the gorgeous weather Nashville gives us. East Nashville also holds some very intricate murals like the Bear Outing mural painted by Leah Tumerman right by Vandyke Bed and Beverage, and the very iconic East Nashville mural painted by Kristy Oakley located right on 311 Gallatin Avenue. An amazing place to go check out and indulge in nature in East Nashville is Shelby Bottoms Park. This is a gorgeous park where you can enjoy a paved pathway through trees along the Cumberland River.

Real Estate Information

East Nashville is becoming one of the most popular places in Nashville to live. There are many great opportunities in this area to find the best home for you. As the area is becoming more popular, it is more suitable for many different cultures, and populations to live. Many newer homes are being built and renovated to keep up with the hip and trendy atmosphere that East Nashville gives.

  • East Nashville is located within the following zip codes: 37206, 37216, 37213 + 37207
  • Distance to downtown Nashville: 4 miles
  • Price Range: 
    • Residential homes: $190,000 – $2,500,000
      • Median: $494,495
    • Condominiums: $176,000 – $640,000

Schools in East Nashville

   Elementary Schools
  • Lockeland Elementary School
  • Warner Elementary Enhanced Option School
   Middle Schools
  • East Nashville Magnet Middle School
  • Meigs Middle Magnet School
  • Isaac Litton Middle School
   High Schools
  • East Nashville Magnet High School
  • Maplewood High School

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