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Germantown Real Estate

Germantown Real Estate Guide

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Just north of the Tennessee State Capital and west of the Cumberland River, sits Nashville’s oldest neighborhood: Germantown. Though it dates back to 1865, it is one of the most coveted neighborhoods in town today for both residents and business. From musicians to business professionals, people are flocking there to take advantage of its affordable housing, booming restaurants and nightlife, ample parking, and tree-lined streets. Why not live in a neighborhood where you can walk to work, walk to school, walk to meet friends at the local bar, and even walk to some of the city’s most popular attractions?

History of Germantown Nashville

Before European settlers moved in, the area known as Germantown was home to a Shawnee tribe of Native Americans. It eventually became a hunting ground for Cherokee tribes from Georgia and Alabama, but in 1786, a Virginia man named James McGavock purchased over 2,240 acres along the Cumberland River that included Germantown. It became a popular spot for German immigrants, and by 1865, the city of Nashville included it within its city limits. After the Civil War, many families in the neighborhood became prominent Nashville citizens, and they helped shaped the future of the entire city of Nashville.

However, with the invention of the car, many of these families started moving away from the city in favor of the peaceful life in the suburbs, and Germantown began to decline. World War I also played a role in the decline. For the next few decades, the neighborhood basically fell apart until the 1970s rolled around. At that time, several Nashville residents decided to restore the neighborhood and return it to its former glory. Today, it is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city.

Local Attractions

One of the great things about living in Germantown is that it is close to almost everything the city has to offer, just a quick walk or drive and you can be at the state capital, golf courses, parks, the Cumberland River, ballparks, Music Row, and other top destinations. However, as Germantown continues to grow, so do the number of attractions in the community. Restaurants and independently-owned shops are plentiful, and the neighborhood has an exciting nightlife that attracts people from all over the city and metropolitan area.

  • HIGHLIGHTS: Nashville Sounds Stadium, Nashville’s Farmers Market, The Tennessee State Museum and Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, Highly Walkable, National Register of Historic Places

Parks + Playgrounds

Germantown is just west of the Cumberland River and just northwest of Nashville’s famous Riverfront Park. It features an amphitheater and boat docks, and it is often the site of festivals and other events. It is also a gorgeous place to go for a stroll and watch the water after dinner or on your lunch break. If you prefer history to music and sports, you can practically walk to the Tennessee State Museum. From the days of the Native Americans to the New South, the museum features several exhibits that tell the story of the various periods of time in Tennessee history. Throughout each year, various history and art exhibits come to the museum from around the world.

Real Estate Information 

Because Germantown is located in the heart of the city of Nashville, you will find a unique blend of single-family homes, townhouses, and condos. The prices tend to be slightly lower here than they are in other neighborhoods throughout the city, which is a major attraction for young people. Germantown has deep historic roots, and you will find a mix of historic homes and buildings that have been renovated to preserve the past, yet celebrate modern conveniences and lifestyles.

  • Germantown is located within the following zip code: 37208
  • Distance to downtown Nashville: 1 mile
  • Price Range: 
    • Residential homes: $310,000 – $1,425,000
      • Median: $710,000
    • Condominiums: $291,250 – $1,700,000

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